The Split

He was twelve feet tall! Welllllllll, no he wasn’t he was probably seven feet (I am bad at estimation). I know he wasn’t as tall as eight feet because our ceilings are eight feet high but he was close enough to our eight feet high ceilings that I was worried that he might look up and bump his nose. Man, that would stink– we would have a mess on our hands then! A real pickle!

I only knew the ceilings were eight feet because my dad once said that the ceiling was just high enough for him to wear a two foot tall hat (now THAT would be silly). He was six foot and of course six and two make eight (6 + 2 = 8, yep checks out). Eight foot ceilings then.

“The State is reassessing–”

Wow this man was skinny! If my dad was here you could tell better. My dad would probably make a joke about how many shirts the man had on or something (oh oh the man had three shirts on, whoops, should have said that, and two of them had collars). But I’m sure they would also be best friends. My dad was friends with everybody, they just needed to talk for awhile and then they’d laugh a few times.

“I’m so sorry, kids.”

Wuh-ohh I missed something he said. It was hard to concentrate when I was looking at a giant! Plus my sister was getting really squirmy beside me on the couch. She is older than me and is really cool. Sometimes in school I’ll see her walking the other way with friends and she’ll say hi to me. Trevor’s sister won’t even wave at him! Haha Trevor is shorter than I am too.

“We will try to keep you two together but until we can sort it out–”

He was giving us the weirdest look! What a weird look, weirdie! His eyes were squinty. I think my sister was getting pretty sad or something and I bet the weird look wasn’t helping anything. If my mom was here she’d say something like, “please don’t give my daughter a weird look,” and then she’d call him a weirdie later. But I don’t know, that’s the thing with parents they never do what you think makes sense!

Like this one time there was a man out front yelling and my dad brought him inside and gave him his shoes! I had forgotten about that but my mom said she was very very “livid”.


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